At St. Edward’s, the health of our students is a top priority. All registered students are required to have a hospitalization, illness and accident insurance policy that is accepted in the Austin area. Health insurance coverage may be provided by the student’s family or employer. Otherwise, students will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance plan offered by the university.

Student Health Insurance Program

Students enroll in the insurance plan by logging in to MyHilltop and using the task "submit proof of insurance". The Student Health Insurance plan is available to all registered students enrolled in six or more credit hours. After the deadline, students with a qualifying life event* may enroll directly through the insurance company, Academic Health Plans.

Premiums for the student insurance plan are billed with student tuition through the Student Financial Services office. For the Fall 2022 semester, students may submit a waiver until September 7, 2022. After the deadline, students without an approved waiver will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance plan. 

Students are responsible for knowing the terms of their own insurance coverage, especially which providers are in-network according to the student's policy. If a student is treated at an off-campus medical facility, generally a co-pay is required. If the provider is out-of-network, often full or partial fees must be paid at the time of service.

If a student with the University health insurance coverage seeks medical attention at a facility that does not accept the University’s student health insurance, the student must pay at the time of service and submit the bill to the insurance company for partial or full reimbursement. A claim form must be sent to the insurance company along with a bill for reimbursement and can be obtained from the facility where services were rendered.

*Qualifying life events include but are not limited to: loss of previous health insurance coverage, loss of spouse or the birth of a child.

COVID 19 Resources through SHIP

United Healthcare provides a number of COVID 19 Resources for students with SHIP, including coverage of testing. Please read the latest on all they have to offer.

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International Students

St Edward’s recommends that all international students, accompanying spouse and dependents have $50,000 coverage, repatriation and medical evacuation benefits. (International students with J visas are required to have this coverage.) Students may demonstrate insurance information by completing the insurance form each semester

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