We understand that the school year may not be an ideal time for all students to explore their passion for service. Winter or Summer of Service opportunities provide a different timeline than traditional SBEs with preparation and travel in one semester. So whether you're studying abroad, play a sport, or just want to use your break in the service of others; these provide another option to serve! 

Homelessness & Hospitality

Focus: Direct service with people who are experiencing homelessness

You'll work side-by-side with other volunteers, Holy Cross religious and guests to make a difference. Among the opportunities you can do at André House:

  • Assisting in the soup kitchen
  • Sorting and distributing clothing items
  • Providing laundry services
  • Lending a compassionate ear and companionship

Gulf Coast Recovery

Focus: Rebuilding efforts 

The Gulf Coast has been hit with some hard times in the last few years including Hurricane Katrina and The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Tens of thousands of volunteers have flooded the area in the rebuilding efforts, but more work needs to be done. Currently, organizations are shifting their efforts to create opportunity housing to meet the important needs of life-rebuilding. You'll visit, volunteer and learn from local non-profit organizations leading the efforts for recovery.