OIT Student Ambassadors act as advocates for the Office of Information Technology's initiatives and provide the top-quality technology support that keeps the university running. 

St. Edward's University, Office of Information Technology Student Ambassadors

The mission of the Student Ambassador program, though, isn't just about how students help us. It's also about how we can help students. 

Our goal is for Ambassadors to grow while they serve the university, gaining valuable professional and technical skills that will give them a competitive advantage when looking for internships and jobs. 

What We Look For

There is no single perfect candidate, but in general, we think an OIT Student Ambassador should: 

  • Possess the desire and capacity to learn and apply new things
  • Demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Be willing to receive and give constructive criticism
  • Be able to work collaboratively in a team or independently 
  • Be able to troubleshoot problems efficiently 
  • Demonstrate patience and thoroughness in their work
  • Work closely and effectively with the St. Edward's community (students, faculty and staff) 
  • Be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines

What You'll Do

Student Ambassadors can and do perform a variety of tasks for OIT, largely dependent upon the role and department in which they serve. Ambassadors could work in any of the four OIT departments — and often, you'll work for multiple. 

Whether you want to be a graphic designer, videographer or Help Desk agent, Ambassadors can be hired at one of three levels and have the opportunity to advance if desired. Like any job, the responsibilities listed below aren't exhaustive, and we welcome students who have ideas and take initiative. 

How to Apply

All open Student Ambassador positions will be posted in Hilltop Careers. Search on-campus jobs for "Office of Information Technology" and follow the instructions in the posting that interests you. 

Information Technology Support Associate (Level 1)

Ambassadors in this position serve in a Tier 1 support role at the Help Desk, OIT's central point of contact. In this role, you can expect to: 

  • Monitor and troubleshoot support cases submitted by phone, email, chat or walk-in
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Perform checks on computers and printers in on-campus labs
  • Assist with creating support articles
  • Respond to classroom support calls

Information Technology Specialist (Level 2)

Specialists can serve in a number of capacities, depending on the specialized skills they have or are interested in developing (e.g., graphic design, technical analysis, media production, project management). In this role, you'll be expected to have a handle on Level 1 duties and you might perform some of the following tasks: 

  • Create graphic design materials for OIT initiatives and events
  • Produce instructional videos for faculty or training support
  • Assist with OIT-sponsored events and tabling sessions
  • Troubleshoot hardware or software issues in the Digital Media Center
  • Design and develop faculty or course websites

Information Technology Senior Specialist or Information Technology Leader (Level 3)

Ambassadors hired as either a Senior Specialist or Leader need to have mastered Level 1 and Level 2 duties and demonstrate expertise, reliability and commitment to their role within OIT. The two titles represent two kinds of leadership. 

Senior Specialists are responsible for more advanced work in their particular specialties and will be expected to contribute to OIT's outreach to the community and events. Leaders, meanwhile, take on greater responsibility in mentoring other students and supervising student work. 

What Our Students Say

Working in OIT is a fun, diverse and challenging experience, where I have been able to grow my skills in a wide variety of fields, ranging from UX research to data analytics.

— Ibrahim Mukaty '20, Computer Science


My co-workers are the best part about working for OIT, as well as being in a learning environment where you have to be open to new challenges every day.

— Marcela Rodriguez '21, Computer Science


I got to learn things that were separate from my major. The Student Ambassador program puts together trips and events that help students like me learn different skills that prepare us for what's after college. 

— Tate Seroczynski '20, Graphic Design