All St. Edward’s students are required to complete a quantitative reasoning course. These and other mathematics courses require satisfactory placement, which can be achieved through SAT/ACT subscores or the ALEKS placement test. 

Incoming students will receive information about math placement through HillStart and New Student Orientation.  The online Math Placement Tool can help you determine your placement information, based on your intended major, SAT/ACT subscores, and any prior college credit.  Online access to the ALEKS placement test is provided through Hillstart, as part of New Student Orientation. Your official placement score will be determined by a proctored ALEKS placement test prior to (or during) New Student Orientation.

Steps for Math Placement:

  • Use the online Math Placement Tool to determine what math class you will place into, and what math class(es) are required for your major.
  • Take a proctored math placement test on ALEKS. Use the link for ALEKS in Hillstart. If you are satisfied with your placement, you are done.  Otherwise,
    • Spend time using the included learning modules to improve your score.  
    • Take another proctored attempt. There are a total of 5 proctored attempts available.
    • If you spend 5+ hours in the learning modules to brush up on forgotten skills, you can unlock opportunities to retest beyond the second attempt.