Students confront significant and complex environmental, economic, and social justice issues.

St. Edward's University provides sustainability-related research opportunities both on campus and abroad, many of which are partnerships between students and faculty. Learn about research opportunities by visiting the Fellowships Office or the Office of Sponsored Programs, or by talking to your academic advisor or faculty instructor.

The university offers several sustainability-related degree programs and courses for both undergraduate or graduate students. Undergraduates can major in Environmental Science & PolicyEnvironmental Biology and Climate Change or Environmental Chemistry.

Faculty not only play an essential role in the classroom, but they also inspire students with their own sustainability research and endeavors. They teach a wide range of courses, from Environmental Controversies in Austin, to Ligerian Ecology, to Biodiversity Conservation.

Wild Basin Creative Research Center

In its role as an interdisciplinary laboratory of St. Edward’s University, Wild Basin Creative Research Center protects and maintains its urban wilderness, and promotes the importance of environmental education, research, conservation, and preservation. Collaboration between Wild Basin and the university enables the creation of programs and initiatives that serve to fulfill the mission.